About My Shop

Welcome to Misk’i Crafts

Hi!! I am Leticia Castro, the passionate woman behind Misk’i Crafts.

Misk’i Crafts is an online store selling unique handmade gifts. I aim to offer an alternative to gift something special and unique.

My wish is to help creative people, like you, to gift creative and unique gifts to that special person in your life.

My products are a perfect gift for people who enjoy color, uniqueness, and for people who love handmade stuff.

As important as my culture and roots are, so is the environment. I have a collection of upcycled gifts, each one made with repurposed clothes making a unique piece to enjoy. This is so important to me, and I know it is important for you, and that is the reason for me to offer you not only a unique gift but also a piece that make an impact in our environment.

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